Free credits and shipping

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Saturday Oct 9 2021

So today was the first day I tried our product HEAT , I will say when you open it up .. it smells just like a mocha flavor . ( I should of done a video of this ) so you pour it on your tongue and let it dissolve before swallowing it . AsContinue reading “Saturday Oct 9 2021”


Wednesday October 6

Good morning , I hope everyone has had a wonderful week so far . I got up extremely early this morning , did my 3 steps of thrive and just laying here till it’s time to wake my son up for school . Sorry still new to this blogging thing , some days I don’tContinue reading “Wednesday October 6”

Looking for my tired/ no energy parents

🎃👻Now through 10/15…..Simply create a login and your acct is pre-loaded with $30 in credits! FREE MONEY , yessssssss I said free . No scams !!!! No cc needed till purchase

Day 1 October 2 , 2021

Hi everyone 💜 happy Saturday 💜 These last few days for me have been really hard 💜 For the last few weeks I have suffered covid , pneumonia and hives everywhere 💜 Well this week ( MON/TUES )as I was going to go finally back to work 💜 I broke out into hives everywhere includingContinue reading “Day 1 October 2 , 2021”