Morning Routine

Got up at 4am took my vitamins , had a shake and applied my DFT patch . I have already did a load of laundry , swept the kitchen and waiting for my son to wake up to go to Alabama to get him groceries for college . We had some bad weather come throughContinue reading “Morning Routine”


My work

Photographer since 2010 , cheap therapy ! here is some pics I have found still on camera that I would love to share with y’all


The one thing people are afraid to admit they have DEPRESSION . Well im not . I have suffered with depression, anxiety and insomnia my whole life . I’ve always been the worrier of my family , even as a kid ! No one tells you how bad it gets as an adult or theContinue reading “Depression”


Sausage, peppers and potatoes for dinner ! It’s done and ready , now I can enjoy the rest of the day