Its been a minute since I posted anything.. Dec.9.2021 my grandma passed away , Dec.13.2021 we buried her and these last 5 months have been struggles of ups and downs.. Everyday I just miss her and wish I could just hug her one last time or even just say I love you. No one preparesContinue reading “Grief”


Day 2 post detox

Day 2 Post-Detox…Down another pound so THAT’S awesome!I noticed I was less achy when I got out of bed this morning. That’s what our 3 steps help do…I clearly needed to purge toxins so Thrive could do it’s magic as intended. Caps, mix & DFT patch in by 5:15am and man….when you FEEL that kickContinue reading “Day 2 post detox”

Happy Tuesday

Good morning , time to start my day ! Past few days a lot has gone on . Besides losing my job Sept 29, I’m fighting unemployment and I haven’t got child support and not to mention my phone is cut off and now my car won’t start .. I don’t know when a breakingContinue reading “Happy Tuesday”


I did a video of my page to show its free and no CC is needed .. I need 10 people to sign up , that’s my goal ! So please sign up with me and look at our health care and skin care line we have to offer . IF you have any questionsContinue reading “Goal”