10 Day Detox Day #3 of 10.✅ 3 Capsules- Heavy Metals Detox Blend ~Liver Lymph, Blood & Skin Detox Blend ~ Kidney & Bladder Detox Blend ~ Holistic Detoxifying Blend✅ Super simple lunch for a super busy day… Veggie Stir Fry 😋 & Berries. I fasted until “almost” 2 (did better than yesterday)🙌🏼I feel good,Continue reading “Detox”


Having Anxiety

I’ve always had it I think. There have been seasons that it’s come in waves so strong and fast it knocked me off my feet. There has also been seasons of unexplainable calm and peace. Sometimes anxiety feels like all my senses are turned up too high. Every noise is too loud. Every touch isContinue reading “Having Anxiety”

Tuesday 11/2

Today I choose to be better then yesterday and there after .. I choose to not let fear control my life and for me do whatever makes me happy and healthy !

His and hers

Couples that thrive together .. stay healthy together ! ! Free sign up , no spam / obligations / cc needed till checkout .. if your not happy with this product within 2 weeks I’ll buy it back from you ! It has definitely been a game changer for me as a single momContinue reading “His and hers”

Night routine

Every night I put my vitamins on my night stand so I can take them as I’m waking up to face the day ..