Its been a minute since I posted anything.. Dec.9.2021 my grandma passed away , Dec.13.2021 we buried her and these last 5 months have been struggles of ups and downs.. Everyday I just miss her and wish I could just hug her one last time or even just say I love you. No one prepares you for this kind of thing or trying to get your heart to stop feeling so much hurt. Each day is a challenge and you learn to live with a pain that will forever be with you. Everyone says that it will get better, for me that is a lie. I think we just deal with it and get up each day and walk around with some kind of fake smile and pretend everything is ok. Learning to take on things you cant change. I have learned my emotions come in waves. One day I can be fine and another day I am having a breakdown. I guess this is all part of the struggles of grief and losing someone you love so much. I hope someone who is reading this and going through this is realizing you are not alone, you are not crazy. Grief comes in stages of different things and what you are feeling is so beyond normal. XOXO


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