Micro needling at home

I’m a big skin care person ! Your face is the first thing people see .. With that being said I am not a fan of wrinkles or aging . So I got a micro needling set a few months ago and today is the first day I used it . As you notice I just did my forehead Bc I have to go somewhere and can through a ball cap on from the sun and people noticing. First you want to make sure your face is cleaned and then you want to add some serum and make it easy for the needling to go over .. ( I do recommend using numbing cream before doing this , it does feel like a sunburn and sensitive and maybe taking some Tylenol or Motrin ) next you want to roll it over the area 4 different times sideways and then 4 times up and down . Afterwards , I used more serum and cream to get the product into the holes that are open . What this does is it builds collagen and elastic in your face to make the wrinkles less noticeable .. so I am taking you on this journey with me . I will do it again in 4 / 6 weeks and show you the difference before then . So here is day 1 and the redness should be gone within 24 hours . Definitely make sure you keep it moisturized so it doesn’t start peeling

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