Wednesday October 6

Good morning , I hope everyone has had a wonderful week so far . I got up extremely early this morning , did my 3 steps of thrive and just laying here till it’s time to wake my son up for school .

Sorry still new to this blogging thing , some days I don’t know what I should write about or if I should just ramble . So let’s see , today I have to go get stuff at Walmart for my oldest sons trip with my mom to see my brother and his family in Georgia, go get my youngest son from school and go to my moms to drop off my sons goodies . While there I was going to cook dinner for everyone , but depends on how I feel . Since covid I really haven’t felt myself still . Still lack of energy ( luckily for thrive i get some energy to get out this bed and face the day ) , sleep , fatigue and mostly just don’t feel myself . With losing my job because of covid I’m pretty sure I’m also taking on depression along with insomnia. Somedays are fine and somedays I’m just done with life . Maybe that’s why I created this whole blog thing to clear my head of people I really don’t talk to or don’t understand what I’m going through . As my title says imperfectlyshanna, I always feel like I can’t do anything right .. I lost my job Bc of a virus , probably fixing to lose my apartment and car and be homeless . I have did over 60 applications this week and not one call back . I really do feel like China and the government should be held more accountable of what we are going through. There should be some kinda law saying your protected by covid ..

if anyone has at ideas for me to blog about , I’ll be happy to take on the advice .. I hope y’all have an amazing Wednesday


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