Day 1 October 2 , 2021

Hi everyone πŸ’œ happy Saturday πŸ’œ These last few days for me have been really hard πŸ’œ For the last few weeks I have suffered covid , pneumonia and hives everywhere πŸ’œ Well this week ( MON/TUES )as I was going to go finally back to work πŸ’œ I broke out into hives everywhere including mouth πŸ’œ so I went to the doctor and got a shot of steroids and by Wednesday I was good πŸ’œ So Wednesday morning I get to work and I’m there before anyone πŸ’œ I turn alarm off , open up blinds , turn lights on , clean the fish tank and go back to my office πŸ’œ So as I was sitting there going through old emails , voicemails and cleaning my office πŸ’œ The property manager walks in ( remind you I’m an assistant manager and have been under doctors care ) so she calls me to her office and says because I’ve been out of work for 3 weeks that I was getting terminated πŸ’œ Wait , What ? Is this even allowed ? So I was like excuse me I was literally on my death bed πŸ’œ manager speaks up and says I don’t care πŸ’œ Mississippi isn’t protected on illness unless it’s a disability and nor the pandemic πŸ’œ She is like I need you to sign these papers , I need your office keys to both properties and here is all your stuff from your desk and inside your desk πŸ’œ I was so upset πŸ’œ so I asked her I don’t understand why I am being terminated or I could of at least been given a warning for what reason I don’t know πŸ’œ She said well it’s not just up to me .. HR , Regional manager and I all have decided we are terminating you for being out for 3 weeks πŸ’œ So I sign these stupid papers , get my stuff , come home and for the last few days I have created a resume and cover letter πŸ’œ I also have did 45 online job applications πŸ’œ i have gone into a depression mode and don’t want to get out of bed πŸ’œ My life was going great πŸ’œ I had an amazing job πŸ’œ goals set πŸ’œ 2 beautiful boys I have created πŸ’œ my own place and my German Shepherd ( kuma ) and out of nowhere I get so sick and basically on a death bed writing my kids good bye letters and then my whole life gets flipped upside down πŸ’œ So I got terminated on Wednesday and today my youngest son and I woke up and took a ride over to Alabama to see my oldest son at college πŸ’œ I got to his apartment and as a mom does πŸ’œ I just start cleaning it for him πŸ’œ I get done with that πŸ’œ we all leave and go eat lunch and take a ride over to bass pro πŸ’œ It’s so amazing how you can go with your world looking like there is no light at the end of the tunnel and then spending the day with your kids just makes you forget about everything else πŸ’œ

Sometimes a drive and the right people are all you need in that moment πŸ’œ



  1. BERNADETTE says:

    Shanna, what happened to you was cruel and unjust. I hope this note finds you well on yourway to a better position.


    1. Thank you ! It was and now I have to find an attorney


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